Literature in English Major

Major Requirements:

*If available, students may study Latin or Greek. Equivalency tests must be agreed upon by both the Modern Foreign Language and English departments.

English Teaching Certification

Students pursuing Literature in English as either a first or second teaching field develop a program of study in consultation with both the faculty member in charge of secondary education and an advisor from the English Department. Such students must successfully complete:

Such students are also encouraged to take additional courses in English beyond those credits required for the major or minor in Literature in English. A carefully planned and executed program will give the prospective secondary teacher a rich variety of theoretical and applied knowledge and skills helpful in securing a teaching position.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Analytical Reading
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Communicate clearly, persuasively and confidently in writing
  • Critically interpret literature
  • Understand and interpret literature as a form of human imagination and expression
  • Understand how the literary tradition has helped shape the world
  • Critical Thinking