Literature in English Minor

The Literature in English Minor is designed for the student who has interest in the formal study of literature as a form of cultural expression and in practicing literary research methods. The study of literature involves exploring: the ways in which literature shapes and influences culture; the socio-cultural and historical contexts of literature; the politics of canonicity; the cultural assumptions that readers bring to texts; and major literary traditions and literary-theoretical perspectives.

Minor Requirements (18 credits):

Students who wish to be certified to teach English at the secondary level may need to take additional courses in English. Please consult with a faculty member in the Education Department to learn the current requirements for certification.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Analytical Reading
  • Communicate clearly, persuasively and confidently in writing
  • Critically interpret literature
  • Understand and interpret literature as a form of human imagination and expression
  • Understand how the literary tradition has helped shape the world
  • Critical Thinking