Mathematics Major

The Mathematics and Physical Sciences Core encourages all majors and minors in our Department to experience similar theoretical, analytical, and algorithmic viewpoints. This collection of courses incorporates programming, problem-solving, abstract analysis, and applications.

Major Requirements:

*Courses numbered 300 or above.

Note: Students interested in graduate work in mathematics are strongly encouraged to take MAT-451 Real Analysis and/or MAT-461 Algebraic Structures.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Discover and utilize effective analysis and problem solving skills in mathematics and mathematical applications.
  • Effectively express discipline-specific content and articulate broad connections among disciplines verbally, mathematically and through written works.
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the role of mathematics, mathematical applications and technology in the larger community including, but not limited to: a knowledge of ethical standards, the ramifications of technological advances and activities, and the role of all mathematics in society.