Philosophy Major

Major Requirements:

Consists of 32 credits to include one upper-division course in non-Western philosophy or religion, an independent study or honors project in philosophy in which a major paper is produced and presented in philosophy seminar senior year, and the following required courses:

Students considering graduate work in philosophy are strongly advised to take PHI-413, Analytic Philosophy.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Read and write critically, particularly in the sense of being able to understand the argument of a text and respond to that argument in a critically informed manner
  • Understand the breadth of philosophical topics or understand historically diverse approaches to the same topic
  • Develop their own positions on philosophical questions in a thoughtful and carefully defended manner
  • Be conversant with the history of philosophy, logic, ethical theory, and at least one area of non-Western philosophy
  • Be conversant with diverse perspectives, both within and outside the Western tradition
  • Do research in philosophy
  • To read, write and discuss philosophical material without close supervision from professor
  • To succeed in graduate programs in philosophy and related disciplines