Philosophy Minor

The philosophy minor invites and provokes students to examine themselves and the world in ever more comprehensive ways, as well as to look at the most fundamental aspects of human reasoning and discourse. A minor in philosophy provides excellent preparation for graduate work in law, ethics, religion, philosophy and other fields in which reasoning and argumentation skills or ability to work at a high level of abstraction are important.

Minor Requirements (15-19 credits):

  • PHI-214 Introduction to Logic (3 cr)
  • One course emphasizing ancient philosophy (3 cr)
  • One course emphasizing modern philosophy (3 cr)
  • Electives taken from: (at least 5 credits)
    • Any course listed as PHI
    • Non-PHI courses as approved by the department or minor supervisor
  • PHI-498 Philosophy Seminar (1 cr)
    • At least one credit of which must be taken after completing 9 credits of the minor.
  • Additional restrictions:
    • At least 9 credits must be upper-division.
    • At least 9 credits must be PHI courses
    • At least 3 credits mus be from Art, Music, or Theatre

      Please see advising guide for:
    • lists of courses that will satisfy the categories above including pre-approved non-PHI courses

Information for approval of fine arts courses as philosophy electives (necessary for completing the minor with 15 credits).

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Critical Thinking
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Problem Solving
  • Written Communication
  • Students will show an understanding of the major figures in the history of philosophy