Physical Education Minor

A minor in physical education that explores the avenues of exercise, movement and wellness. The student may desire to plan for teaching physical education K-12 and will need to meet the additional courses to fulfill the requirements for teacher certification, or to work in the allied health field in fitness, wellness or coaching.

Minor Requirements (17 credits):

Certification (14 credits):

Additional courses for Idaho State Department of Education certification purposes must include:

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a competence in Human Anatomy, Human Physiology and Mechanical Analysis of Human movement.
  • Understand the concepts and the variety of adaptations associated with fundamental sport skills.
  • Create avenues for personal wellness/fitness and using sound information, select appropriate principles of application.
  • Development and implement a personalized wellness plan.
  • Use critical and reflective approaches to assess teaching, learning, activity, fitness and sport participation.