St. John International University Dual Degree Program in Environmental Architecture (BS/BS)

The College of Idaho cooperative program in Architecture is a dual degree program in collaboration with St. John International University (SJIU) in Torino, Italy. SJIU is accredited in the US, and its courses are taught in English. This dual degree program is designed to provide students with a sound foundation of liberal arts and sciences, combined with first-rate professional training in a region renowned for its architectural marvels. The program is designed for students to attend The College of Idaho for about three years and then to complete the program at SJIU over the subsequent two years. When students complete the entire program, they will receive dual BS degrees from The College of Idaho and SJIU. SJIU also offers a Master of Architecture program for students who wish to continue their training for professional licensure.

Applicants to the SJIU portion of the program must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in all prerequisite courses and in coursework completed at The College of Idaho, with no single grade among the prerequisites below a C. Students meeting these minimum standards will receive automatic admission into the SJIU program. During their course work at The College of Idaho, students will complete 93 credits, to include the First Year Seminar and Premodern Civilization. Completion of the Architecture program will confer credit for the Math/Science and Professional Studies PEAKs. Transfer students must complete a minimum of 30 credits at The College of Idaho.

Required Courses

To be completed at The College of Idaho:

To be completed at SJIU:

  • Architectural History
  • Design Studio I and II (3+3 credits)
  • Introduction to Architecture
  • Architectural Refurbishment
  • Introduction to Environmental Design
  • Architectural Technology
  • Design Studio III and IV (3+3 credits)
  • Climate and Architecture I
  • Structures I
  • Building Physics
  • Structures II
  • Design Studio V and VI (3+3 credits)
  • Climate and Architecture II
  • Control Systems I
  • Building Technology
  • Design Studio VII
  • Control Systems II
  • Restoration
  • Architectural Programming
  • Senior Project