MFL-437   Spanish Literature & Society: Narrative & Film 3 credits

Prerequisites: MFL-333 or MFL-334

A study of literary and cinematic narrative through representative works. Their relationships to Spanish and Spanish-American society and history will be emphasized.

MFL-438   Spanish Literature & Society: Poetry, Drama and Song 3 credits

Prerequisites: MFL-333 or MFL-334

A study of verse and drama through representative historical and contemporary works from Spain and Spanish America.

MFL-444   Second Language Acquisition Theory & Practice 3 credits

(Same as EDU-444) An analysis of second language acquisition theory and practice. The course includes review of textbooks, preparation of units of instruction, microteaching of lessons and class visitations.

MFL-445   Foreign Language, ESL, & Bilingual Methods 3 credits

Prerequisites: MFL-444

The course reinforces and extends students' knowledge of second language acquisition theory and practice in the context of standards-based language education. Course content also includes cross-cultural awareness and discussion of sociological issues pertaining to minority student education. Students will utilize ESL, Bilingual, and foreign language methods in lesson planning and microteaching, visit language classes, and create a theme-based unit that incorporates the multiple methods and strategies presented.

MFL-446   Linguistics for Language Teachers 3 credits

Prerequisites: Junior or Senior standing

(Same as ENG-446) A study of the central concepts of linguistic theory. Includes the theoretical areas of pragmatics, semantics, syntax, morphology, and phonology; and the applied areas of language variation, first language acquisition, second language acquisition, and written language. Students will acquire the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) as an essential tool for disciplined examination of linguistic phenomena. Issues of sociolinguistics will be addressed as students wrestle with the relationship between language, thought, and culture, and the nature of the cognitive and brain systems that relate to language learning, language teaching, and language use.

MFL-447   Theoretical Foundations/Bilingual Ed/ESL 3 credits

Prerequisites: Junior or Senior standing

(Same as EDU-447) An overview of legal mandates and an analysis of the models and typologies of bilingual education and second / foreign language programs that aim to achieve bilingualism and biliteracy in a multicultural society. The course examines the socio-cultural issues surrounding linguistic minority education from a historical perspective as well as from a contemporary and local perspective. The course explores the design, implementation, and adaptation of curriculum and instruction to meet the needs of the community in its demographic context.

MFL-448   Teaching Academic Content to English Learners 3 credits

Prerequisites: Junior or Senior standing with a strong foundation in pedagogy.

(Same as EDU-448) The course prepares mainstream teachers to work effectively with culturally and linguistically diverse students in content area classrooms. Readings and discussions will explore best practices for students from the culture of poverty. Participants will develop lessons and units of study that incorporate the critical components of sheltered instruction for English learners.

MFL-493   Research in Spanish 3 credits

Prerequisites: Permission

A research project, arranged with an advisory committee, culminating in a paper written in accordance with the committee's guidelines. See independent study guidelines.

MFL-494   Independent Study 1 - 3 credits

Prerequisites: Permission

A special research project on a selected topic in literature or civilization. See independent study guidelines.

MFL-497   Internship 1 - 3 credits

Prerequisites: Permission

Individually arranged and supervised service or research in a bilingual or target language environment. Internships will provide practical experience in the field of concentration. An extended analysis and periodic reports of the experience will be required. See internship guidelines.