Biology Major

The requirements for this major are:

*Credits taken as independent work (eg. internships, research, and independent studies) do not count toward the 35 credits for the major.

In addition to the above required courses, we recommend the following electives:

For a career in biology, or for graduate study, students should include:

Students desiring teacher certification must consult with a member of the Education department.

Student Learning Outcomes


  • Demonstrate a broad-based understanding of biological principles grounded in theoretical structure, mathematics, and the physical sciences

Skills and Applications:

  • Complete a research project to learn the nature and methodologies of biology that includes the following components:
    • Hypotheses formulation and logical reasoning
    • Engage in experimental design
    • Locate and critically review biological literature
    • Analyze and interpret biological data
    • Draw logical conclusions
    • Present results of a research project both in oral and written form
  • Demonstrate and apply knowledge and use of quantitative skills, analytic methods and techniques used in the field and laboratory applicable to biological sciences
  • Apply biological knowledge and skills outside of the classroom by participating in independent research, off-campus study in biology, an internship, or teaching.


  • Demonstrate ability to integrate scientific knowledge among the biological sub disciplines
  • Demonstrate ability to integrate biological knowledge with other disciplines
  • Contribute meaningfully to seminar-type critical discussions of scientific literature