MAT-105 Algebra 3.0 cr.

Fall. Intensive study of algebra, graphs and functions. The emphasis will be on gaining college level proficiency in algebra and understanding the graphs and properties of functions. Topics include linear, quadratic, radical, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions. Intended to prepare students for MAT-111, 112, 123.1, and 149. (One credit will count toward the Liberal Arts Core requirement in MATHEMATICS)

MAT-111 Contemporary Mathematics 3.0 cr.

Fall. Prereq.: MAT-105 or permission. A course designed to explore some of the great ideas in mathematics, and to discover the power of mathematical thinking in everyday life. Topics include counting techniques, infinity, geometry, shape and space, chaos and fractals, and decision science. (MATHEMATICS)

MAT-112 Introduction to Statistics 3.0 cr.

Fall, winter, spring. Prereq.: MAT-105 or equivalent, or permission. An applications-oriented approach to the use of statistics. Topics covered include descriptive statistics, frequency distributions, mean, standard deviations, probability and probability distributions, inferential statistics, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing and bivariate statistics. (MATHEMATICS)

MAT-123.1 Applied Mathematics 3.0 cr.

An applications-oriented course to review algebra. Subjects include solving equations, inequalities, functions, graphs, logarithms, exponentials and probability. Applications in business, economics and the social sciences. (MATHEMATICS)

MAT-124.1 Applied Calculus 3.0 cr.

A continuation of MAT-123 introducing both differential and integral calculus. Examples drawn from business, economics, biology, and the social and behavioral sciences. (MATHEMATICS)

MAT-149 Pre-Calculus 4.0 cr.

Fall. Prereq.: MAT 105 or one year of high school mathematics beyond geometry and algebra 2 or permission. Topics in algebra and trigonometry beyond those covered in the second course in high school algebra. Emphasis is placed on concepts, structures and technical competence. Topics include solutions of algebraic equations and inequalities; functions and graphs; exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions; elementary plane analytic geometry. (MATHEMATICS)

MAT-151 Calculus I 4.0 cr.

Fall, spring. Prereq.: MAT 149 or four years of high school mathematics or permission. A study of differential and integral calculus of real functions of one real variable. Topics include limits and continuity, differentiation, the chain rule, the mean-value theorem, the fundamental theorem of calculus, curve sketching, integration by substitution, introductory differential equations , and applications of the derivative and integral. (MATHEMATICS)

MAT-152 Calculus II

Fall, spring. Prereq.: MAT 151 or permission. MAT-152 is a continuation of MAT-151. A further study of differential and integral calculus of real functions of one real variable. Topics include further techniques of integration, applications of the integral (volume, arc length, work), and sequences and series. (MATHEMATICS)

MAT-212 Advanced Statistical Methods 3.0 cr.

Spring. Alt. years. Prereq.: MAT-112 or equivalent. A continuation of MAT-112. Topics covered include analysis of variance, multiple regression, chi square and nonparametric statistics, time series, index numbers and decision theory. (MATHEMATICS)

MAT-221 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I 4.0 cr.

Prereq.: MAT-105 or equivalent. Topics include number systems, arithmetic, geometry, and problem solving. The emphasis is on mathematics taught in the elementary classroom, using a variety of teaching techniques, methods, and hands-on materials including manipulatives, calculators and computers. This course does not fulfill the Liberal Arts Core requirement in mathematics.

MAT-222 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II 4.0 cr.

Prereq.: MAT-221 or equivalent. A continuation of MAT-221 with an emphasis on mathematical concepts and algorithms. Additional topics include descriptive statistics. (MATHEMATICS)

MAT-251 Calculus III 4.0 cr.

Fall. Prereq.: MAT-152 or permission. A continuation of MAT-152. A study of real functions of several real variables. Topics include differentiability and continuity, differential geometry, extrema, Lagrange multipliers, multiple integration, line and surface integrals, and the theorems of Green, Gauss and Stokes. (MATHEMATICS)

MAT-252 Discrete Mathematics 3.0 cr.

Fall. Alt. years. Prereq.: MAT-152 or permission. Systems of linear equations, matrix operations, combinatorics, graph theory. (MATHEMATICS)

MAT-294 Independent Study 1.0 to 3.0 cr.

Fall, winter, spring. Prereq.: Permission. Independent study of selected areas of mathematics not available in the regular curriculum. See independent study guidelines.

MAT-298 Lower Division Seminar 1.0 cr.

Fall. Prereq.: Permission. Strongly recommended for those planning to major in mathematics and computer science. May be repeated for credit.