Off-Campus Study Courses Planned for Academic Year 2009-2010:

Israel & Palestine

IND-220 Israel & Palestine: Ancient & Modern 3.0 cr.

Summer 2009. An approximately three-week interdisciplinary study in Israel and Palestine in June 2009, involving two weeks of hands-on archaeological excavation at Bethsaida (just north of the Sea of Galilee), three weekends of visiting religious, historical and cultural sites in the Galilee and Golan Heights, and a week based in the Old City in Jerusalem, with side-trips to surrounding areas. The social, religious, political and historical dynamics and realities of antiquity, of the recent past and of contemporary Israeli and Palestinian life will be encountered and examined. (CULTURAL DIVERSITY)


BIO-324 Natural History Preparation (for Australia, Costa Rica, Baja, Hawaii) 1.0 to 2.0 cr.

Fall 2009. Prereq.: BIO-220 and ENV-260 or coreq. BIO-221. Preparation for off-campus field trips.

BIO-325 Natural History (of Australia, Costa Rica, Baja, Hawaii) 1.0 to 3.0 cr.

Winter 2010. Prereq.: BIO-221 or ENV-260, BIO-324 and permission. An evolutionary synthesis of topics in zoology, botany, geology, geography, and anthropology.

BIO-341 Tropical & Subtropical Ecology 1.0 to 3.0 cr.

Winter 2010. Prereq.: BIO-221 or both ENV-260 and BIO-220, BIO-324 and permission. A study of the origin, structure, composition, species diversity, and ecological relationships of tropical and subtropical biotic communities.

BIO-344 Coral Reef Ecology 1.0 to 2.0 cr.

Winter 2010. Prereq.: BIO-221or both ENV-260 and BIO-220, BIO-324 and permission. A study of coral reef formation, marine habitats, species diversity and ecological relationships on coral reef ecosystems.


ASN-302.1 Southeast Asia: Traditions and Transitions 2.0 cr.

Fall 2009. This course is a prerequisite for the winter off-campus study course ASN 302.2 of the same name. Preparation for off-campus study is emphasized through directed readings, discussion, and paper writing. (CULTURAL DIVERSITY)

ASN-302.2 Southeast Asia: Traditions and Transitions 4.0 cr.

Winter 2010. Prereq.: ASN-302.1 and permission. This winter session course is an off-campus interdisciplinary study of Southeast Asian countries emphasizing history, culture and political economy. Over four weeks of the course are spent in Southeast Asia where cross-country study centers on thematic topics. The topics and countries visited vary from year-to-year according to the selected theme. Course readings typically include scholarly texts, personal memoirs, and travel literature. (CULTURAL DIVERSITY)