Asian Studies Minor

Home to over half of the world's population, Asia is a region of immeasurable significance to contemporary global society. The Asian Studies program at The College of Idaho provides an opportunity for students to pursue a course of study that incorporates a variety of regional emphases, disciplinary perspectives, and literary and pedagogical approaches. The Asian Studies minor is intended to complement the student’s major discipline, and for this reason, students are given a certain amount of latitude in developing their own courses of study. Early in the program, students pursuing the minor are required to choose an advisor from the Asian Studies faculty who will help them to select courses covering a range of regional topics, disciplinary perspectives, and epistemological assumptions. Students are also encouraged to study abroad in Asia through internationally-recognized programs or College of Idaho study tours.

The minor consists of at least 18 credits that must span at least three disciplines; however, students are strongly urged to explore all four disciplines listed below. Required course work includes a capstone senior project (ASN-494 Independent Study). In consultation with an advisor, students must design, propose, and present an original project to be formally presented to Asian Studies faculty and students. The advisor and Asian Studies faculty will jointly evaluate the project.

Students choose 15 credits from the courses listed below in at least three disciplines: