Cost of Attendance

Full-Time Undergraduate Enrollment

Full-time students are those enrolled for 12 or more units, inclusive, during Fall and Winter/Spring terms.

2007-08 Matriculation
  Fall Winter/Spring Total
Tuition $8,500 $8,500 $17,000

Students matriculating prior to 2003-04 may be enrolled under varying tuition levels. Existing students should contact the Business Office for tuition related questions.

Residence Hall Costs (Annual Rate)

For more information about Residence Life, please consult the Student Life Section.

Room Rental*

Double (room designed for two occupants)


Closet Single (small room designed for one occupant)


Single (room designed for one occupant)


Double/Single (double room occupied by one person)


Honor Hall (single room Anderson)


Village (Quad/10 month contract)


Village (Double/10 month contract)


*Includes local telephone service, social fee and enhancement fee

Board Plan

(Assumes board cost plus any applicable Idaho State sales tax)

For health, safety and other reasons, Albertson College of Idaho expects that all students participate in a board plan. Freshman and Sophomores living in the Residence Halls are required to purchase Plan A, Plan B or Plan C each term. Freshman and Sophomores living off campus also have the option of the Fr/So Commuter Plan.

In order to address the need for increased flexibility for upper-class students, Juniors and Seniors, are eligible to participate in the $250 per term Coyote Cash plan should they wish not to participate in the other Board Plans offered.

Meal Plans cannot be cancelled after first week of the term.

Meal Plans
Meal Plan # of Meals per year # of Meals of Fall term # of Meals for Winter/ Spring term Cost per term w/ $150 Coyote Cash

Plan A

430 Meals 170 260

$1,738 + Applicable Idaho State Sales Tax

Plan B

330 Meals 130 200

$1,588 + Applicable Idaho State Sales Tax

Plan C

230 Meals 90 140

$1,438 + Applicable Idaho State Sales Tax

Plan D*

Coyote Cash for use at McCain or Simplot Cafes

$250 + Applicable Idaho State Sales Tax

Plan E Fr/So Commuter Plan $500 + Applicable Idaho State Sales Tax

*for Jr's, Sr's only

Meal Plan Descriptions

Meal Plan A
is for students who plan on eating most of their daily meals in the Simplot Cafe'. Each term allows for approximately 13 meals per week.
Meal Plan B
is for students who plan on eating regularly in the Simplot Cafe'. Each term allows for approximately 10 meals a week.
Meal Plan C
is for students who plan on eating only one meal a day in the Simplot Cafe'. Each term allows for approximately 7 meals per week.


Matriculation Deposit

This fee is refundable up to May 1st.  After May 1st, this fee is non-refundable; however, it will be applied to student fees of enrolled students.



Fees are not refundable after first week of class.

Summary of Fees
Application Fees (Non-refundable, submitted with app) Amount

Online application


Mailed application


Academic Service Fee

New Student Fees  




ASACI Student Fees  

ACI Student Senate votes each year to establish fee amount

Budget Payment Plan Enrollment Fee  

Annual plan


Term plan

Reserved Parking Fees  

Residence Hall Lot


General Lot

Late Payment Fee  

Weekly charge may be assessed on student accounts that have not made payment arrangements with the Business Office by the last day to Add/Drop each term


Returned Check Charge


Student Health Insurance

Albertson College of Idaho requires all full-time students to carry medical insurance and provide proof of coverage annually. Students will be automatically enrolled and billed for insurance. The cost of the plan is payable on the first semester billing. If proof of adequate insurance is furnished to the college by the last day to add/drop in the fall semester, the insurance will be canceled and the charged reversed.

Eligible dependents of students enrolled in the plan may participate in the plan on a voluntary basis. Additional information can be obtained from the Business Office.

Student Health Insurance

Annual premium


Class Fees

Some physical education classes require additional fees for equipment. Please consult course schedule for details. Fees are not refundable after first week of class.

Class Fees
Item Cost

Science Lab Fees (Chemistry, Physics, Biology & Geology


Software Fee (applies to Statistics classes)


Art Fees


Theater Fees


Music - Private Lesson


- One half unit, instrument or voice (one half-hour lesson weekly)


- One unit, same instrument or voice (one one-hour lesson weekly)


Typical Costs

One year’s cost for a typical student living on campus is approximately:

New Students
Item Cost





Room & Board**


Books & Supplies


Personal & Misc.


Transportation Allowance


Total Cost of Education***


*(Academic Service Fee, Student Fees, New Student Fee)
**(Double Room $2,900 and Block Plan B + Id St Sales Tax $3,366)
***Total Cost of Education does not include class specific fees or student insurance.

Part-Time Enrollment (Charges per Unit)

Area residents who have received an undergraduate degree or are 25 or older may enroll for classes at a reduced rate of $355 per unit. This reduced rate does not apply to independent study, internships, music lessons, practice teaching or other classes where individual attention is the primary means of instruction.  Information is available in the Admission and Registrar’s Offices.

For information regarding the option to audit or take a course non/credit please refer to Auditing and Non-Credit Instruction.

Part-Time Tuition - Credit, Non-credit, or Audit
Status Per Unit

- Under age 25, no undergraduate degree


- Age 25, undergraduate degree


Academic Service Fee (per term)



Master of Arts in Teaching / Intern Year Programs
Status Cost

Master of Arts in Teaching


- 1st Summer - 8 credit hours


- 2nd Summer - 6 credit hours


Intern Year


Academic Service Fee (per term)


Strategies for Success Program

The "Strategies for Success" program was created in collaboration with the Lee Pesky Learning Center to help students with language-based learning disabilities develop the skills needed for academic success.

Once students enroll in the program, they will meet with an educational specialist once or twice a week for one hour of one-on-one instruction. The sessions include instruction in the student’s learning deficit areas (such as dyslexia) and assistance with college course requirements. An educational assistance plan is constructed to address the deficit areas, which have been identified through testing. Progress is evaluated through pre- and post testing in addition to ongoing academic review. Communication with the student’s professors is an integral part of the educational assistance plan and is arranged as needed.

The Strategies for Success program is limited to 10 students per year and the costs are outlined as follows:

2007-08 Fall Winter Spring Total
Skill Development
(2 sessions per week)
$2,232 $1,116 $2,232 $5,580
Skill Maintenance
(1 session per week)
$1,116 $558 $1,116 $2,790

Albertson College reserves the right to adjust charges as necessary.

Financial Arrangements

Registered students will receive a Statement of Account that reflects tuition, fees, room and board charges less any financial aid and scholarship prior to the beginning of each term. Payment is due by August 15 and December 15 for Fall and Winter/Spring terms respectively. The Statement of Account will reflect the most accurate information available, however, adding or dropping classes or making changes to room assignments and meal plans may trigger additional charges. Students are responsible for obtaining the information needed in order to pay tuition and fees by the due date(s). Payment arrangements must be made prior to due dates referenced above.

STUDENTS HAVING PROBLEMS MEETING THEIR FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS TO THE COLLEGE SHOULD ADDRESS THEIR QUESTIONS AND/OR CONCERNS TO THE STUDENT ACCOUNTS REPRESENTATIVE.  Failure to make payment arrangements with the Business Office will result in student being subject to the Delinquent Student Accounts Policy located in the Student Handbook.

Albertson College reserves the right to withhold transcripts, grades and suspend the ability to add or drop classes for students with unpaid balances.

Payment Options

Option 1
Pay the term balance by the due date. Most major credit cards are honored.
Option 2
Interest-Free Monthly Payment Option. This payment option offered in partnership with Tuition Management Systems, Inc., is an alternative to large, annual or semester payments and helps limit borrowing. This plan offers the option of making 12, 10, or 8, monthly payments with the last payment being due in May. Early start up allows students to spread payments over a longer period of time. The cost of this plan is $70 per year or $55 per term with no other fees or interest charges. You may call TMS for information and application at 1-800-722-04867 or  All Albertson College monthly payment plans are required to be handled through TMS.
Option 3
Obtain additional loan funds through the Parent Plus Loan or a private Alternative Student loan. A list of preferred lenders can be obtained from the Office of Student Financial Aid or the Business Office.

Interest Charges

Albertson College of Idaho charges interest at 1% per month on all unpaid balances (does not include accounts on monthly payment plan option) over 30 days. Interest will be added to student accounts on the 10th of each month.  This includes balances that are the result of a delay of loan funds or external scholarships or any payment plan not handled through Tuition Management Systems.

Student Privacy Act

Federal law prohibits release of academic or financial records, even to parents, without the student's consent for students over 18 years of age.

Refunds for Withdrawal

Refunds are calculated when an official course withdrawal or leave of absence form is filed with the Registrar's Office. The refunds are calculated per the Federal Refund Calculation guidelines and are adjusted to accommodate the differing lengths of the two terms (i.e., fall term is 13 weeks in length and winter/spring term is 19 weeks in length). Federal aid is refunded (returned to the federal programs) in compliance with federal regulations.

Tuition, board and residence hall charges and institutional aid for the two terms are refundable for official withdrawals as follows:

Fall Term
official withdrawal
(week of term)
refundable charges











6th and 7th
(includes break week)





No refund


Winter*/Spring Term Combined
official withdrawal
(week of term)
Refundable charges











6th and 7th
(includes break week)













No refund

*(If student withdraws at the end of winter session and does not attend any of the spring session, winter refund is based on part-time status and scholarships do not apply)

Non-Academic Student Petitions

The non-academic student petition process is the vehicle by which students may petition for reimbursement of fees, waiver of the freshman residency requirement, or to be released from the Residence Hall Agreement. The Student Affairs Committee on an "as needed" basis reviews non-academic student petitions. However, in some instances, the committee may defer judgment to the Dean of Student Affairs. Non-academic student petitions are available in the Office of Student Affairs. 

Students submitting non-academic petitions are responsible for providing any and all documentation requested to evaluate the petition. No action will be taken on a petition until the student has provided all necessary documentation and/or authorized the release of information.