Registration & Enrollment


Registration is the process of obtaining academic advisor or instructor approval to participate in classes and certifying that approval to the registrar. Students may be registered through WebAdvisor:

  1. In consultation with the academic advisor, students may be registered through the advisor's WebAdvisor access.
  2. Students verify their course selections through their own WebAdvisor access.

or students may also register by using an enrollment card:

  1. Enrollment cards are obtained from the registrar.
  2. They are completed in consultation with the academic advisor.
  3. The academic advisor signs the card.
  4. The card is returned to the registrar’s office where course selections are entered in the student record system.
  5. A computer-generated schedule is verified by the student.
  6. Students may change registration - add or drop courses - without penalty until the close of registration each term. See the Academic Calendar for specific dates.

Special permission is required if students complete registration after the date for the closing of registration for each session and a late registration fee is charged (see Expenses).


Enrollment is the process of billing and confirming arrangements for payment with the Business Office.